Acne – What to do, what to do

5 Aug

Acne, that dreaded word that we learn in our teenage years. Then when we think it is a distant memory it hits again in mid-life. What to do. Well, the first thing is not to cower in shame or disgust, although some grow so big and ugly that it just can’t be a pimple. Or so I try to convince myself. Of course, there is always humor to be found in this type of situation, after the face has cleared up again and there’s not a blemish in sight. How vain, yes? This same situation happened to me not more than two weeks ago. It turns out that I am taking a high dose of iron, and while that in itself has many uncomfortable situations for the body, it seems to squeeze the excess out of my face in the form of pimples. If I was reading or hearing this story from someone else, I would be laughing so hard I’d fall off my chair. Yes, I have this terrible manner of laughing at these types of situations – after all isn’t laughter the best medicine. Of course, I still find humor in this because I can. My face has gone back to its normalcy and all because I continued my daily skin routine and added in the acne kit which I have now put away. Yes, it feels great that I will be 41 years young this month and know that I again beat the acne. For now anyway, there’s still more iron to take.

Enjoy your evening,



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