I’m Back…

24 Sep

Good Evening to All,

My sincere apologies for not writing sooner. It has been very hectic in a good sort of way since we returned from vacation. We arrived, did laundry, went grocery shopping, went running to the store to find school supplies, ironed, cleaned house, went to bed and that next morning after Labor Day we went to work. Of course we then went back to the normal routine of getting up early, packing lunches, dropping off children and then commuting to work. It’s incredible that by 8am I feel ready to face the day.

Let me tell you that our Holiday Line came out and it is simply irresistible. Oh, instant gratification on the smells – DIVINE, the new products, the packaging, the incredible prices and promos going on. Unbelievable, I feel a shopping frenzy coming on, bring it on baby!  🙂

On Monday night I spoke with a client and she asked me to showcase the products at last night’s Gala Event to kick off the Dominican Fashion Show and Parade this coming Sunday. It was an honor to have been invited to share with these incredibly nice people. I love being able to work my business while building relationships. I had the chance to chat with clients and meet new people who I know will become friends. It was definitely an incredible evening and although I am very tired today it was rewarding.

Not only do I get to build relationships but I get to teach people on the harmful effects of the sun and chemicals on skin. There’s nothing better than showing people the difference between a lotion that is penetrating your skin to nourish and moisturize versus a product that is occlusive and whose long-term result is premature aging. When people look at me in amazement at what I am telling them I always smile. Hey I just turned 41 and many people wouldn’t guess it. Results, that’s what we all want. Knowledge is Power and it is very important to learn what you consume internally as well as topically, especially when your children depend on you to protect them from anything harmful.

Speaking of, since we have soccer practice tomorrow I need to get to my bed and on Sunday I will be at my sponsor’s home where she is hosting an event for anyone interested in joining this incredible company. If you are interested in joining my team or know of someone that is, please contact me. I am always willing to teach others to learn about natural products while earning an extra income.

In Harmony,

Zamira Moraga


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