Happy Monday

3 Oct


I am in a great mood today and while most people are wishing it was still Saturday, I am one of the few that is very happy that Monday will be here soon. Don’t get me wrong, the school and work routine begins again tomorrow morning yet I have this incredible feeling of knowing something good is happening. Do you ever get that feeling? That you are in the right place at the right time. That wow, I finally made the right decision and look where I am going. Well that’s how I feel. 🙂

 I am also looking forward to my open house this upcoming Saturday. I get to share with people an amazing way to shop from home (my home) in a relaxed and fun setting. No need to fight off people at the malls or wait on long lines for something you aren’t yet convinced you like. Everyone that has confirmed is also excited and that’s exciting to me! They will get to sample our exclusive Holiday Line and new products that just came out. Imagine, you can sample before you buy this way you don’t change your mind. Like my rhyming ability? okay, a little corny. But all in all I am in a super fantastic state of mind. I also recently found out that Arbonne is the only company that can claim a synergistic effect between the RE9 products and the RE9 supplements, no other skin care company can do so. This is exciting as many of my clients know because they see the results on their face.

Speaking of, my mom came to visit me last weekend and while I think she’s a very pretty lady, due to her work routine she always looks tired. Well, when I saw her last weekend she looked rejuvenated. I told her “Mommy, you look really pretty today”, and of course she beamed. Then I realized she hasn’t even been using the RE9 for more than 6 months. Simply amazing.
Well, I’m off for the weekend routine and then my training call later tonight, lots of exciting news to keep track of.

I bid you all a good night. 🙂

In Harmony,



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