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Hysterectomy and Thanksgiving

21 Nov

Hi All,

I want to share with you my experience with¬†the hysterectomy surgery I had this past Wednesday. I had my uterus and cervix removed due to monthly complications which had at one point earlier this year put me in an extremely anemic physical state. It took 7 months but I was able to recuperate and raise my hemoglobin count to a normal number. The inevitable came and after a few consultations I agreed to the surgery to resolve my problem. I am 41 years young but have not started the menopause stage therefore it was my only option. The surgery went well and they left my ovaries in place which is great since I didn’t look forward to any mood changes. I’m moody enough as it is. ūüôā

Post Operation: excruciating pain, I didn’t know where I was. Upon awakening,¬†I had this indescribable pain that was not going away, on the contrary¬†the pain was increasing. The incredibly patient and caring nurse gave me narcotics to no avail, the pain was just not diminishing. Finally, an option was presented to me, a “pain-block” which means local anesthesia with an injection given to me on each¬†side of my belly that will numb the area of surgery. I HATE needles, no matter that I had 3 cesareans, I cringe every time I need to give up my arm for an injection of any kind. My mind was racing, what is the lesser of two evils, what if this doesn’t work?¬† I closed my eyes, prayed, and went full steam ahead.

I cried within myself since to cry out loud is too painful, that would mean moving my stomach muscles which were already constricted in pain in anticipation of the injections in the¬†hope they¬†would ease my pain.¬†The doctor was very kind and professional, after he finished inserting the first needle he asked me how I was doing, I told him I didn’t think I could go through the other injection. I thought about it for a minute then told him to go ahead. I am SO glad I did. I only waited another 20 excruciating minutes then the pain started to go away and the narcotics began to kick in and I was finally at peace.

The rest is the normal routine of a hospital stay, I was taken to my room and slept from 8:30pm until 1am. Then I woke up and stayed awake fighting the pain not wanting more narcotics until 4am when I succumbed to the nurse and requested the pain medication. I then slept for a couple of hours. Early afternoon arrived and a¬†very friendly and compassionate nurse assistant was assisting me out of bed to go to the bathroom (they want you out of bed rather quickly), once I stood up it began. I felt I was being ripped apart, a cry coming¬†from deep within my soul that screamed and cried hysterically, it was the only sound heard in the entire floor and¬†I could not stop.¬†In that wrenching moment, the thoughts that raced in my mind were what have I done to deserve this, I’m not an evil person, I am a good mother, wife, friend. Why?

As I worked my way to the bathroom in the creepy silence that ensued from my outburst,  I realized I have to be thankful for this ordeal. It was not a terminal prognosis.  I survived the worst pain and am now in the post operative recuperation period with my pain meds to help me through it.

Next week when we are together on¬†Thanksgiving (not formally celebrating since I am recuperating)¬†my mother, husband and children, I am going to continue to¬†be very Thankful for having my family close to me and that I have great things to look forward to. Let’s think of what we have that is close and dear to our hearts and give thanks with the understanding that¬†tomorrow will always¬†bring something new.

In Harmony and with many blessings,


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