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Hysterectomy and Thanksgiving

21 Nov

Hi All,

I want to share with you my experience with¬†the hysterectomy surgery I had this past Wednesday. I had my uterus and cervix removed due to monthly complications which had at one point earlier this year put me in an extremely anemic physical state. It took 7 months but I was able to recuperate and raise my hemoglobin count to a normal number. The inevitable came and after a few consultations I agreed to the surgery to resolve my problem. I am 41 years young but have not started the menopause stage therefore it was my only option. The surgery went well and they left my ovaries in place which is great since I didn’t look forward to any mood changes. I’m moody enough as it is. ūüôā

Post Operation: excruciating pain, I didn’t know where I was. Upon awakening,¬†I had this indescribable pain that was not going away, on the contrary¬†the pain was increasing. The incredibly patient and caring nurse gave me narcotics to no avail, the pain was just not diminishing. Finally, an option was presented to me, a “pain-block” which means local anesthesia with an injection given to me on each¬†side of my belly that will numb the area of surgery. I HATE needles, no matter that I had 3 cesareans, I cringe every time I need to give up my arm for an injection of any kind. My mind was racing, what is the lesser of two evils, what if this doesn’t work?¬† I closed my eyes, prayed, and went full steam ahead.

I cried within myself since to cry out loud is too painful, that would mean moving my stomach muscles which were already constricted in pain in anticipation of the injections in the¬†hope they¬†would ease my pain.¬†The doctor was very kind and professional, after he finished inserting the first needle he asked me how I was doing, I told him I didn’t think I could go through the other injection. I thought about it for a minute then told him to go ahead. I am SO glad I did. I only waited another 20 excruciating minutes then the pain started to go away and the narcotics began to kick in and I was finally at peace.

The rest is the normal routine of a hospital stay, I was taken to my room and slept from 8:30pm until 1am. Then I woke up and stayed awake fighting the pain not wanting more narcotics until 4am when I succumbed to the nurse and requested the pain medication. I then slept for a couple of hours. Early afternoon arrived and a¬†very friendly and compassionate nurse assistant was assisting me out of bed to go to the bathroom (they want you out of bed rather quickly), once I stood up it began. I felt I was being ripped apart, a cry coming¬†from deep within my soul that screamed and cried hysterically, it was the only sound heard in the entire floor and¬†I could not stop.¬†In that wrenching moment, the thoughts that raced in my mind were what have I done to deserve this, I’m not an evil person, I am a good mother, wife, friend. Why?

As I worked my way to the bathroom in the creepy silence that ensued from my outburst,  I realized I have to be thankful for this ordeal. It was not a terminal prognosis.  I survived the worst pain and am now in the post operative recuperation period with my pain meds to help me through it.

Next week when we are together on¬†Thanksgiving (not formally celebrating since I am recuperating)¬†my mother, husband and children, I am going to continue to¬†be very Thankful for having my family close to me and that I have great things to look forward to. Let’s think of what we have that is close and dear to our hearts and give thanks with the understanding that¬†tomorrow will always¬†bring something new.

In Harmony and with many blessings,



Do you ever feel time is passing you by?

26 Oct

I feel as if everyday I am running to catch up. Catch up with time that is, not enough hours in the day to get work done, after school activities that you need to make sure you are on time for, the regular routine in there all at the same time. Then the weekend arrives and by the time you are done with laundry, cleaning house, and everything else, it’s already Sunday night. ūüôā

Last Monday as we were on the way to dropping off the children at school, my son asked me “Mommy is today Saturday?” to which I replied, no Nicholas you know today is Monday. He immediately responded with an “Oh,no ¬†not again!” Of course we laughed and I told him you’d better get used to it because it comes around every week. He looked so disappointed and sad that the weekend truly was over. I can’t help and think back to the days when it seemed like everything took forever whereas now you can’t fit anything in 18 hours. This should be a lesson to do what you want when you want and not fall victim to time constraints.

I keep telling myself this because I’m supposed to blog every week since I enjoy it so much, yet don’t seem to be able to fit it in. So what the heck, I’m just going to do it as I’ve been but without the mental stress. We put so much on ourselves that we get lost. Well, today I’m finding myself and I am going to teach my children and myself to embrace every day, even Monday’s. ūüôā
Enjoy the rest of your week,

In Harmony,


Happy Monday

3 Oct


I am in a great mood today and while most people are wishing it was still Saturday, I am one of the few that is very happy that Monday will be here soon. Don’t get me wrong, the school and work routine begins again tomorrow morning yet I have this incredible feeling of knowing something good is happening. Do you ever get that feeling? That you are in the right place at the right time. That wow, I finally made the right decision and look where I am going. Well that’s how I feel. ūüôā

¬†I am also looking forward to my open house this upcoming Saturday. I get to share with people an amazing way to shop from home (my home) in a relaxed and fun setting. No need to fight off people at the malls or wait on long lines for something you aren’t yet convinced you like. Everyone that has confirmed is also excited and that’s exciting to me! They will get to sample our exclusive Holiday Line and new products that just came out. Imagine, you can sample before you buy this way you don’t change your mind. Like my rhyming ability? okay, a little corny. But all in all I am in a super fantastic state of mind. I also recently found out that Arbonne¬†is the only company that can claim a synergistic effect between the RE9¬†products and the RE9¬†supplements, no other skin care company can do so. This is exciting as many of my clients know because they see the results on their face.

Speaking of, my mom came to visit me last weekend and while I think she’s a very pretty lady, due to her work routine she always looks tired. Well, when I saw her last weekend she looked rejuvenated. I told her “Mommy, you look really pretty today”, and of course she beamed. Then I realized she hasn’t even been using¬†the¬†RE9 for more than 6 months. Simply amazing.
Well, I’m off for the weekend routine and then my training call later tonight, lots of exciting news to keep track of.

I bid you all a good night. ūüôā

In Harmony,


I’m Back…

24 Sep

Good Evening to All,

My sincere apologies for not writing sooner. It has been very hectic in a good sort of way since we returned from vacation. We arrived, did laundry, went grocery shopping, went running to the store to find school supplies, ironed, cleaned house, went to bed and that next morning after Labor Day we went to work. Of course we then went back to the normal routine of getting up early, packing lunches, dropping off children and then commuting to¬†work. It’s incredible that by 8am I feel ready to face the day.

Let me tell you that our Holiday Line came out and it is simply irresistible. Oh, instant gratification on the smells – DIVINE, the new products, the packaging, the incredible prices and promos going on. Unbelievable, I feel a shopping frenzy coming on, bring it on baby! ¬†ūüôā

On Monday night I spoke with a client and she asked me to¬†showcase the products at last night’s Gala Event to kick off the¬†Dominican Fashion Show and Parade this coming Sunday. It was an honor to have been invited to share with these¬†incredibly nice people. I love being able to work my business while building relationships. I¬†had the chance to¬†chat with¬†clients and meet new people who I know will¬†become friends. It was definitely an incredible evening and although I am very tired today it was rewarding.

Not only do I get to build relationships but¬†I get to teach people on the harmful effects of the sun and chemicals on skin. There’s nothing better than showing people¬†the difference between a¬†lotion that is penetrating your skin to nourish and moisturize¬†versus a product that is occlusive¬†and whose long-term result is premature aging.¬†When people look at me in amazement at what I am telling them I always smile.¬†Hey I just turned 41 and many people wouldn’t guess it. Results, that’s what we all want. Knowledge is Power and it is very important to learn what you consume internally as well as topically, especially when your children depend on you to protect them from anything harmful.

Speaking of, since we have soccer practice tomorrow I need to get to my bed and on Sunday I will be at my sponsor’s home where she is hosting an event for anyone interested in joining this incredible company. If you are interested in joining my team or know of someone that is, please contact me. I am always willing to teach others to learn about natural products while earning an extra income.

In Harmony,

Zamira Moraga

End of summer beginning of a new season

4 Sep

I write these words from my hotel room, it is 10:42pm and I have just finished packing everything in the suitcases, (or should I say thrown in) combed through the room to  make sure nothing has been forgotten, checked in via the airline website, and now with not a moment to spare I decided to write and express myself. This family vacation has been absolutely incredible. We had so much fun and needed this time away, yet it is now time to go.

We were able to share with our children the fun of playing at the beach and pool, under the blazing sun. We also reminded them how important it is¬†to share with family which we have not seen in quite a while and encourage them to love these people who I love so¬†much even though the distance separates us. I feel it is so important for them to acknowledge that even though they do not have frequent interactions with these family members, these people love and adore them. My husband had so much fun and actually confessed to me that he was so happy I had insisted we take a vacation. It gives me so much pleasure to know that he appreciated my insistence, even if he didn’t in the beginning. ūüôā

I know we will think of the wonderful times we had as the plane departs the runway and heads for the sky. Ironically, once we reach our destination, the memories are stored in the back of our minds to be brought back up when I download the pictures. I am so thankful that we took this vacation.

School is now upon us with Hannah so it is time to hunker down and prepare for the late nights working on projects and daily homework assignments and after school sports. Nicholas is starting his pre-K in a couple of weeks and we need to give him time to adjust although he is very sociable so that shouldn’t be an issue. The darling Bella will be sad when she realizes neither sibling will be with her but she’ll be fine. And us, the Parents? Well, we will go back to our regular schedules of our children, our jobs, and our business opportunities. I like to prepare for December Holidays from now so that there’s plenty of gifts to go around.

I bid you a good night and to my family and myself a Safe Trip Home.

In Harmony,


Network Marketing Social Gathering Same Difference

18 Jul

Hello there,

I had the honor of hosting a¬†spa party this weekend and have another one coming up this Saturday. While I am tired in a pleasant manner, it never ceases to amaze me how the older we get the more vain we are.¬†Now this is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I love to pamper myself and I love the reactions that people have at these spa parties from the ooh, ahs, to the wow, feel that, from touching and smelling the products.¬†The funny thing is that I too, love it when people tell me I look so young even though I will be 41 next month.¬†

The best part of the weekend was that I also attended a family gathering. I haven’t seen most of these people since I was a teenager if that. I always say I am blessed with my family, we all pick¬†up right from where we left off. While there, it¬†happens that I also met new people, and¬†there was plenty of¬†interesting conversation to go around. The funny thing is that while I was socializing, I was also networking with these wonderful people without realizing it.¬†I found out that my cousin Patty has her own business with unique one of a kind art pieces. I, of course, bought myself a neck piece. If you are interested, her website is ¬†Absolutely beautiful. We exchanged information and as I’ve said before, network marketing is the wave of the future.

There was a news clip on Fox News a couple of days ago with one of the women that is part of the same company that I belong to, explaining and reiterating¬†how productive network marketing is in periods of economic turmoil. This goes to show that you don’t need to pay¬†for advertising when you¬†have a product and or opportunity that reflects its benefits on its own. With that said, I will bid goodnight while I go upstairs to cleanse my face before going to bed. ūüôā



Getting to Know Me through Network Marketing Online

14 Jul

I am trying to continually learn so that my blogs become interesting and that people who read them can enjoy them and learn from them. This is all a learning experience for me and one that I hope to become very proficient at. Today I signed up at we’ll see if it helps me become more elaborate and concise in my writing. It’s funny because I feel that my main reason for starting this blog was to use it as a diary of sorts but it turns out that it is growing into something bigger that I don’t yet understand. I am signing up for all the social media sites such as twitter, joined my Facebook¬†account and I also have a google account, a stumble upon, and one more which I can’t remember. Now I also have to figure how to put it all together in a nice package that tells who I really am.In order for people to join my team, they have to know me personally and feel comfortable with me.¬†Even though the online environment is different,¬†I know I can do it – it’s all about the time exerted into this and in the long run I think the journey will make for interesting conversation online and offline.



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