Life Interrupts…

23 Aug

It’s funny, blogging, that’s what I’m referring to here… When I completed my last blog, I was so happy and proud of my GREAT accomplishment, heck it’s not easy to start learning how to do something and then actually do it. You understand? But, I did and it felt great. Of course, then I realized, I have to do it again, and again, and you understand where I’m going with this right? Then my cousin calls me to congratulate me on entering the internet world, as if I was coming out of the dark ages and into the light superhighway internet world. Which I am and then I ask him what he thought of my blog. He gave me some great insight which I will implement soon and some important critiques which I also need to address. I became nervous because now I know people are reading what I write, how will I interest them and keep their interest? He tells me to write about me and my life. So I laugh as I think back to his words because I remembered when I was younger how I thought it would be great if I could write a book on my life based on situations I was presented with. I like to say, Life Interrupts…

Last Sunday I was getting ready to write my blog keeping in mind that which Hugo had told me, when I started feeling ill and had to stop since I ended up sick again. Of course, when you are sick, have 3 kids, have to crawl out of bed to dress for work, and push your own business, well, it isn’t easy or pretty, but you do it. Why? Because you have to. The simple answer is that life interrupts. I’m thinking wow, I just got over being sick and being out for 2 months and here I go again? This time my will is strong and my determination to overcome this is too great. I have children that I need to raise on a daily basis, I need to make sure I go to my job so bills can be paid, and I want to grow old with my partner. Now I sound selfish, don’t I. Why do I not mention my partner, my lover, my husband who is remarkably helpful and my pillar of strength? Because no matter how great he is, when I am sick, it becomes all about me. 🙂 The important truth here is that I am getting better and I figured let me write before life interrupts yet again. So now I’m on the computer writing as fast as my thoughts come to me – don’t want to forget anything. Wondering if anyone will be able to decipher that which I would like my words to convey. But as life is life, all problems have solutions, health improves, and then we go to sleep hoping for a better tomorrow and to awaken to a brighter healthier day. So until my next blog, I leave you in harmony. 🙂


Acne – What to do, what to do

5 Aug

Acne, that dreaded word that we learn in our teenage years. Then when we think it is a distant memory it hits again in mid-life. What to do. Well, the first thing is not to cower in shame or disgust, although some grow so big and ugly that it just can’t be a pimple. Or so I try to convince myself. Of course, there is always humor to be found in this type of situation, after the face has cleared up again and there’s not a blemish in sight. How vain, yes? This same situation happened to me not more than two weeks ago. It turns out that I am taking a high dose of iron, and while that in itself has many uncomfortable situations for the body, it seems to squeeze the excess out of my face in the form of pimples. If I was reading or hearing this story from someone else, I would be laughing so hard I’d fall off my chair. Yes, I have this terrible manner of laughing at these types of situations – after all isn’t laughter the best medicine. Of course, I still find humor in this because I can. My face has gone back to its normalcy and all because I continued my daily skin routine and added in the acne kit which I have now put away. Yes, it feels great that I will be 41 years young this month and know that I again beat the acne. For now anyway, there’s still more iron to take.

Enjoy your evening,


Network Marketing Social Gathering Same Difference

18 Jul

Hello there,

I had the honor of hosting a spa party this weekend and have another one coming up this Saturday. While I am tired in a pleasant manner, it never ceases to amaze me how the older we get the more vain we are. Now this is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I love to pamper myself and I love the reactions that people have at these spa parties from the ooh, ahs, to the wow, feel that, from touching and smelling the products. The funny thing is that I too, love it when people tell me I look so young even though I will be 41 next month. 

The best part of the weekend was that I also attended a family gathering. I haven’t seen most of these people since I was a teenager if that. I always say I am blessed with my family, we all pick up right from where we left off. While there, it happens that I also met new people, and there was plenty of interesting conversation to go around. The funny thing is that while I was socializing, I was also networking with these wonderful people without realizing it. I found out that my cousin Patty has her own business with unique one of a kind art pieces. I, of course, bought myself a neck piece. If you are interested, her website is  Absolutely beautiful. We exchanged information and as I’ve said before, network marketing is the wave of the future.

There was a news clip on Fox News a couple of days ago with one of the women that is part of the same company that I belong to, explaining and reiterating how productive network marketing is in periods of economic turmoil. This goes to show that you don’t need to pay for advertising when you have a product and or opportunity that reflects its benefits on its own. With that said, I will bid goodnight while I go upstairs to cleanse my face before going to bed. 🙂



Getting to Know Me through Network Marketing Online

14 Jul

I am trying to continually learn so that my blogs become interesting and that people who read them can enjoy them and learn from them. This is all a learning experience for me and one that I hope to become very proficient at. Today I signed up at we’ll see if it helps me become more elaborate and concise in my writing. It’s funny because I feel that my main reason for starting this blog was to use it as a diary of sorts but it turns out that it is growing into something bigger that I don’t yet understand. I am signing up for all the social media sites such as twitter, joined my Facebook account and I also have a google account, a stumble upon, and one more which I can’t remember. Now I also have to figure how to put it all together in a nice package that tells who I really am.In order for people to join my team, they have to know me personally and feel comfortable with me. Even though the online environment is different, I know I can do it – it’s all about the time exerted into this and in the long run I think the journey will make for interesting conversation online and offline.



Finally back to writing

8 Jul

I can’t believe I woke up on Sunday morning with Tendonitis of the Achilles, unbelievable. Just goes to show one always needs to be careful with shoes especially flip-flops. Then I had to learn how to use crutches without falling down. What a mess! Luckily for me I put my day cream with spf and went on public transportation. No make up these past couple of days with this terrible weather. Just made sure I moisturized and protected myself from the sun’s harmful rays. I am also learning every day on how to blog, it’s funny but the more you read the more you learn and Knowledge is Power. Hopefully my blog will become popular because people will find it interesting and genuine not to mention helpful.

It Felt SOOO Good

1 Jul

To return to work and have everyone tell me that not only did I look rested and healthy but that my skin glowed. It made my day.

Today I spoke

29 Jun

with a client who confessed to using a different toner.. Can you believe it? I was so happy to hear it because she proved to herself that the products I sell truly work. She told me her skin felt different after using the new product and she needed to order from me again. Results yet again! Can’t go wrong. 🙂

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