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Happy Birthday to Me!!

26 Aug

Good Morning World,

41 years ago today I was born. I must say it was an exhilarating day for my parents as they were overjoyed to bring me into this world. This morning I woke up with that incredible feeling of fulfillment. My children ran to me singing happy birthday and there was plenty of love to go around. This is life! I also received a nice bundle of cash from my hubby which of course made me very happy. He told me to pamper myself – and I plan to do that – Oh, yeah!! We will also be going on vacation this weekend for a much needed time off under the sun. I have no complaints, life is good. I wish you all Harmony, Peace, and Love on this day.


Zamira Moraga’s Health & Wellness Secrets

16 Jun

Also known as the skin care lady, Zamira Moraga, mother of Hannah, Nicholas, and Isabella is a Health & Wellness consultant.  Zamira currently works at a not-for-profit during the day and incorporates her consulting business during the day and weekends through one-on-one’s and themed parties such as spa, mother/daughter get together’s, fundraising for a cause, you get the picture. Through these parties and one-on-ones Zamira meets new business builders who join her team and she teaches them how to build teams, increase their income, and have fun while learning and earning.

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